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  • What are your shop hours? I have some questions about doing a coil over swap on my 94 Bravada.
    I am starting my build for a N/A 5.3 in my Ty (4l60e tranny).
    Do you have time for me to pick your brain on a few things?
    808-542-2496 (Toyz)
    Trans builder said I need a 99 or newer because the ls blocks are different some how I'm not sure if its offset or something idk why he just told me I should find one that was bolted up to a 6.0ls .
    Jeff, I wouldnt have had a better weekend if I hit the lottery. I am still blown away by the way it turned out, i get goosebumps when i tell the story to people back here at home. I have owned the truck since 2001 and have never had so much fun with it. I absolutely can not wait for the next Nationals, and if they do start alternating years, i will be sure to get out to Homecoming or whatever major event they do have. I couldnt understand before this weekend why people would want to come if they didnt have a truck but I do now. It was said well earlier today when I saw Renz (i think it was) say that this group really is more about friendship, and the trucks are just an excuse to get together.

    I know one thing, if this group ever needed to select a embassador for the rest of the hot rod world, you would be my first choice. You are one of the nicest people i have ever met in my life, and I can not wait to get together with you again. You are a true King yourself.

    It will be exciting to see what happens when we line these things up again, I know we both have a lot more to bring to the table! Im sure with more tuning and some better tires (my front tires are from '05 and the rears were on the truck when i bought it) i will be well into the tens. I think if i hadnt hit the brakes on my run with Frank (auto addictions) it would have been a 10.9x which is pretty good for 8psi, 22 degrees of timing, 93 octane gas, old crappy tires, and 100 degree weather outside.

    It was also really cool thinking that we both had our own personal best time when we ran each other. I know your truck has 10's in it just the way it sits, now that you have the bottom end good and strong.

    There is definitely a lot to look forward to. Hopefully we can convey enough of this excitement on the board to get more and more members involved and attending the National meets. These trucks need all the support they can get!
    Hello Jeff

    My girlfriend Veronica have facebook. Can you give me your emailadress or if you seek on veronica bengtsson on facebook, blond as you know :) with long hair, and a pink sweater on the profile photo.

    Regards Robert
    I noticed your coming to the Shindig also. I have had a rough idle since i got my truck back from Waller. I was wondering if I could send you my datamaster file and see if you see something?


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