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  • I was interested in your Forge Motorsport Billet Wastegate, not sure what is going on but everytime I click on the add to cart, nothing happens. Can you let me know how I can order this piece.
    Tom can you bring a Stainless Steel Rear Window Latch to Carlisle? I'll get it from you there. Thanks.
    do you still have any silicone vacuum line kits for a typhoon. My typhoon already has an egr delete
    Good morning Tom. I received the WG actuator and bracket on Saturday. It looks good and solid -an inprovement over the OEM actuator. Will post results once I install it. Thanks.
    Hi Tom, I need to get a front coil over kit from you. I also need a pass. side front bumper support. Looks like 3/4 inch tubing flatened out on the ends. Not sure if thats the correct name for it. Thanks Jeff
    Hi Tom haven't been able to get a hold of you through email i was just wondering if you have a total with shipping for the frt and rear shafts for sy with 700r4 stock setup and bracket, and frt coil over kit gloss black. please pm me or send a email to so i can send a payment. the shipping address is in the email i sent

    Chris Hoffert
    Justo reaching out again to see if you guys had any beat up sy driver side rockers. I'm looking to get rid of my truck soon and this is the only thing holding me back from putting it on the market so please forgive my persistence I'm sure u guys are very busy and I appreciate all the effort and help this far!!!!
    Hey if you have a PTE drain line and flange, ill buy those and a 3 bar from you if you happen to have a set of braided coolant lines for a PTE turbo i'd be interested in them as well. If you have any of those parts id glady take them from ya.

    interested in a set of window felts for 93 ty,send message with cost of shipping,paypal fees.ronnie.c email is in knoxville tenn.
    Hi Guys, been out of touch lately,but was wondering how the front hd prop shafts were going. I will pm you soon with a special request if thats okay?.
    Hey Tom! I wanted to see if you would be interested in tuning/dynoing my truck. I'm not sure how far North you are from me (07003), but I need an expert to do it cause I want it RIGHT. I put the TurboTweak chip in, RPM Intake and your EGR Delete and Vac kit so far. I want to SAFELY get this truck into the 12's, and was thinking of a Downpipe and Alky kit to do so. Suggestions?? Let me know what you think and we can talk about it. Thanks again for all your help!!

    Bryan A
    Quick response time! :) How much is shipping to Huntsville Alabama 35802. Also, I am having trouble pulling up your website right now?

    could I get your avatar photo with the superstockers please? Looks sick. I'm honesltly thinking about selling my hamman h2 18s for a set...nice work. I instantly stopped liking factory wheels.thx
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