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  • Every time I log on to this site for the first time of the day. I get the network can't be found message for the first dozen times I try to log in. Then manically after about 10 minutes of frustration, it lets me log in. Why is there that delay in the log in process, everyday for the last couple weeks?
    HI; I had 4 different items bought from Typhoon 747
    and I am not able to give him feed back.
    give him the best feedback please
    Thank you

    Billy the Kid
    Morning :)

    I was wondering if you, or someone on this forum would be kind enough to change my user name from "2fast4u" to "2fas4u" ... the password is fine. I made the mistake many moons ago.. My current vanity license plate reads "2fas4u" so, I might as well sync it up as my user name as well. If you cant do this procedure, would you pass this note on to someone who has that authority? Thank you Sir :)
    I am trying to donate to SYTY.NET but it will not let me. It keeps saying that the merchant cannot recieve moneys at this time. Let me know what I am doing wrong? Thanks.
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