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  • Hello Norway! We had a great time in your country. Geiranger Fjord was absolutely unbelievable. So beautiful and the people so friendly. Alesund was also so enjoyable. We climbed the 418 steps and were astounded by the view. We had great weather at both of those ports. It rained the day we were in Bergen but we were prepared and still had a great day touring, seeing Rosencrantz Tower, the Leprosy Museum and of course the houses at Bryggen. We love your country and will return for a much longer and more in depth trip someday.

    We have a timeshare in Orlando and are going down there next month for a week. We are Disney fanatics.

    If you ever travel in the Boston area let me know. I would be happy to show you around my city!

    Hi, I was searching around at and I found a old post where I saw you planned to do a trip on a cruiseship to Norway, too bad I din't notice in time, I'm living quite close to Ålesund and Geiranger, actually I live right next to a small town called Åndalsnes, maybe you where even there with the ship? anyway, it's cool to see somebody here at from The States been in my neighbourhood. I took my family on vacation to Florida last year, mostly hanging around in Orlando but we went to see the Daytona 500 as well, man, that was sooo awesome. I got a typhoon clone, a project wich I hope to get up and running this summer. Anyway I won't take more of your time, just saying Hi, hope you had a good time in Norway, weatherwise could be bad....?
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