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  • Hi harry i need your help On bs3 i need help. to set timming does the timming cable under the dash need to be un plug or do i need to plug it to set timming correct with bigstuff3 . I know your very knowledgeable
    I have an oddfire bowtie setup, I have some questions, if you could call me at your convenience! Thanks Jason 8015182315
    this is mark (mark0076)
    did you add me to the big stuff three group
    what valve springs and push rods are you using with the 430 cam to get the180lb seat pressure
    thanks mark
    Do you know if the Sy prop shaft is interchangeable with a Ty prop shaft? I'm assuming (hoping) so. What would shipping be to 98230?

    Send me whatever you have - I'll take a good used 3-bar map off your hands.... Where are you located?? How do you want to get paid?
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