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  • greg hartson here-----took the truck out---oil in my air filter-wastegate not working ???? Been in
    hospital---- brain bleeding ----scary stuff---now the truck---do you know whats happening.I'm still
    trying to sell--------------thanks in advance.
    Trying to get a hold of you again. What address did you sent the hinge to because i have bought several other items from the states and no sign of the hinge.
    Hey just thought since you have alot of useful knowledge I would like to add you as a friend. Thank you for your previous help also, its greatly appreciated.
    Sell the chevy/gmc syclone greg hartson i'm not posting it on the site too much talk buyers only you'll get kick back thanks
    Hi, around a year ago you asked me about the title and vin from my part out on TY1649....I have no use for it and if you want it you can have it. I have a clear title in hand, The vin from the front windshield, and the sticker from the drivers door.... Hit me up if you still want it... Thanks, Joe
    Hey I haven't been on this forum in a long time I saw a post about autorama and was wondering if you guys found a place to meet up yet? I live in the metro Detroit area
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