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  1. Sy10

    Looking for left rear Gt cladding

    I'm taking the teal GT to the shop for a restoration very soon, and I need a driver side rear cladding corner. The back tab on the left rear corner isn't broken off, but it's cracked and distorted. I'm looking for an original piece, in good shape, and hopefully not too expensive as tax time and...
  2. Sy10

    Aluminum VS. iron block specs

    Is there a difference in torque specs between the cast iron and aluminum block? I'm finally getting around to building my dad's aluminum Bowtie block, and it has splayed 4 bolt mains with ARP studs in the center holes, and ARP bolts for the splays. I'm also planning on building the iron Bowtie...
  3. Sy10

    Walmart Royal Purple

    Anyone get Royal Purple from walmart? Do you know if there's a difference between the Walmart RP and getting it from Jeg's or anywhere else?
  4. Sy10

    ASAP Starter help

    The Syclone is going down to Carlisle Thursday morning. I just changed the starter on this about 3 weeks ago, brand new. I have the same problem I did before: clicks when i hit the key, just like a deadspot. Between work and 8,000 other things going on, don't really have time to dig into it...
  5. Sy10

    Everyone, please read

    I'm sure most, if not all of you have seen the post from my dad, Jack (aka Icarus 54), from September about his situation we found out about in August, shortly after Carlisle. Unfortunately, as much as we would hope to never have to post this, my mom and I are very sad to say that we've lost my...