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    engine harness

    I'm looking for a engine harness for an 1993 Ty. its for a friend located in the states. Its a newbe.
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    Front seat

    What other cars have the same front seats like a 93 Typhoon? I'm looking for the cladding / panel under both seats.
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    Typhoon sticker

    Looking for 'My other ride is a Typhoon' stickers like the picture. Also Syclone stickers
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    Looking for header (RPM, KB, ATR)
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    Renz Sheet metal intake for sale

    passenger facing sheet metal intake for sale. Insiside and outside full pollished. Asking 450$ + shipping.
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    Syclone rear bumper cladding brackets

    like the title says. Bracket set for the rear Syclone bumper cladding. 5 sets (r + l) are available. 50$ + shipping.
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    WTB Recaro seat brackets for Sy

    Looking for Recaro seat brackets for my Syclone. Used or new. Where can I get new ones? Thanks, Klaus
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    Round discs for bed cladding

    need 16 (or less) of the round discs for the bed cladding. Thanks, Klaus
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    WTB A/A Intercooler Kit

    I want to buy an a/a intercooler kit (RPM, Kenney Bell, ...)
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    Set of stock injectors

    I'm looking for a set of six new or remanufactured stock injectors for a 91 syclone. Thanks, Klaus
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    Kenne Bell Downpipe

    Anyone have an Kenny Bell downpipe for sell?
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    Awesome Ty for sell in Germany
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    I am looking for a C6 rear brake bracket and hardware kit.

    I am looking for a C6 rear brake bracket with ebrake and hardware kit.
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    Engine Cradle

    I'm looking for an engine cradle for my sy. Where can i get a good part? thanks