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    More octane vs cooler air

    To run max boost on stock setup (14.7 pounds?) without knock or without ecm pulling timing, what is better option between lowering air temps (better intercooling) or increasing octane (adding additive to 93 pump gas)?
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    Hankook ventus

    Any opinions on these? Think theyre in the high performance all season category.. They seem to be the only ones available in the stock size at least on the tire rack site, would prefer bfg's but who knows if/when they will be available.. I don't push my ty too hard so not really needing extreme...
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    Replace or repair tail pipe?

    Hello all, got an approx 3 finger size rot hole in the bottom of my tailpipe.. rest of the stock exhaust looks fine would like to fix or replace any suggestions? Can i get a replacement from gmc?
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    Introducing myself

    Hi I'm Dan from Rhode Island, bought a 93 ty over the winter it's all stock with pretty low miles but that should change over time, at least the low miles part.. Had a 93 ty 15 years ago around the time I originally joined the forum, had to sell in 09 so when this one came up for sale it kind of...
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    Max boost with a 2 bar map?

    What happens when you attempt to increase stock boost levels by say 2-3 lbs on a truck with 2 bar map?
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    180° tstat

    Anybody running one, any issues changing to one from stock?
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    Different wheels with stock specs

    Can anyone recommend or does a a direct bolt on aftermarket or OEM wheels exist with exact size & offset of the stock wheels?
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    Stock height trucks vs lowered

    What is your preference? & Some pros and cons...
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    Coilover suspension kit from Sportsmachines

    Any reviews, or thoughts on this system compared to stock?
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    Please understand I'm in curiosity/learning mode, it's been made very clear that these trucks are best left stock by some very knowledgeable people.. understood but for the sake of discussion what is the benefit to wiring a wide and device to the pcm? Would you need an aftermarket chip to do so?
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    Does ANYBODYS truck run good?

    Curious how many of you out there are happy with your trucks in stock or mildly modded form? No disrespect but kinda seems like a bit of a jaded community just curious if anyone has a trouble free truck that puts a smile on your face everytime you get in it.. had a ty several years ago it was a...
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    Royal purple max boost / 96 octane

    Has anyone used this &/or tuned their truck for 96 octane (93 + max boost)?
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    Considering Trading restored 87 Turbo T for nice Syclone

    Hi everyone, I have a Dark Blue 87 Buick Turbo T (Dennis Kirban test car #3) with a replica gnx suspension (Richard Clark) that has recently undergone an extensive frame off restoration by a reputable turbo buick shop (Steve V's automotive) complete with rebuilt and detailed engine and trans...
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    having bad luck...couple questions

    got a flat tire, drivers side front, put the donut on and now the anti-lock brake light is on, what could be causing this? btw i since got 4 new tires and its still on. couldnt get the center cap screw tool to engage on one of the wheels and ended up damaging the center cap. where can i get a...
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    stock wheel striping & recoating

    tires are off wheels...wondering what products to use to strip/clean & re-coat stock wheels, & where to get the products. thanks
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    question about shocks

    Getting new tires all around and thought it might be a good idea to do shocks at the same time. 93 Ty has 53,000 miles on it...only 5,000 from me (2nd owner) so I don't have much to go by as far as determaning if the stock shocks are ready to go or not. Truck doesn't seem to ride too bad but...
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    Black Ty in Uxbridge, Mass

    Down & out @ Rick's towing with a bad ass intercooler scoop...anyone?
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    tire selection for stock wheels

    Got a flat tire, Thanksgiving night, in New England, wich means I got very cold and wet. Anyways I'm now looking into 4 new tires and am looking for recomendations. The ones on it now are BF Goodrich comp ta's stock size. Also while I'm at it I figured it would be a good time to have the stock...
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    does the pcm affect tranny shifts?

    I brought my Typhoon to a local dealership (after I was assured they new what they were doing) to fix a rich running condition. They first installed a new O2 sensor and said the problem was partiaaly fixed but the various sensors wern't communicating so they installed a new PCM. Next phone call...
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    cap and rotor questions

    Are the stock replacement gm cap and rotor still available for our trucks? I'll be changing mine soon and would like to stay as stock/gm as possible for simplicity and reliability reasons. If still available anybody running them with their stock (or otherwise) trucks? Is Conrad a better choice...