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  1. dgoodhue

    Lower Ball Joint play

    I failed inspection today for one of my ball joints, they are moog and have a little over 10k miles on them. I read through the service manual and the inspect tolerance is 1/8" or ~3mm. I would estimate that I have 1/2 mm, it definitely is less than 1mm, so I am definitely within spec. The...
  2. dgoodhue

    My roads are clear.

    I won't drive my Syclone on the road until I am 100% sure the roads are clean from salt. I wait for street cleaners and usually April showers will do the job. Last week I drove my daily driver (which was recently cleaned) in the rain and it was covered in salt afterwards :(. We had a little...
  3. dgoodhue

    25 years!

    The first regular sequenced VIN Syclone's rolled off the line 25 years ago today, January 18th, 1991. The Syclone is now officially 25 years old!
  4. dgoodhue

    Don't leave an air freshener laying around on the plastic.

    I was doing some tuning earlier this summer Syclone. I disassembled my lower dash to access the alky controller, so I could fool around with the initial turn on. At the time I must have removed the air freshener that I usually leave ranging from the tilt lever and put it on my center console cup...
  5. dgoodhue

    RPM out of sequence in a TunerPro datalog.

    I think I know the answer to this but ... I am running code $59. I am running about 14.5psi on 9.3:1 compression motor. I am spraying Alky, my TR6 plugs are gapped to 0.030. I noticed on one of my fastest logs last year that the rpm weren't linear at the top of the rpm range. So for example...
  6. dgoodhue

    New England Dragway Friday October 23.

    I am planning to go upto NED next Friday night to race my Syclone, weather permitting. Anyone is welcome to join me.
  7. dgoodhue

    Air Conditioning System repair

    My AC compressor started making a horrible clattering noise about a month ago. I would like to repair it this winter and continue using R12 that it was designed for. Can I repair my existing compressor to keep its originality, or should I just put my original aside, repair it another day and...
  8. dgoodhue

    WTB Syclone Door Panels

    I am looking for nice set of Syclone interior door panels. Ideally they would be in mint condition including the lower rug portion but I will consider examples in good condition. I am not a huge rush to get them. I am very likely be going to SyTy Carlisle meet this year (to reduce the hassle...
  9. dgoodhue

    Parts Manuals with current part numbers?

    Is there resource for an updated oem parts manuals for SyTy's? I have the SyTy cd rom with parts and illustration manuals but the parts numbers in that manual are almost always superseded.
  10. dgoodhue

    Tires with consideration to drag racing

    I am going to need a set of new tires soon, especially if I am going to be driving any long distances drives to a SyTy meet. One set of my tires is from 2002 (even though I bought them in 2005 :rant: ) and are hard as a rock. My other set is from 2005 and are retreads (green dots). I have...
  11. dgoodhue

    WTB NOS Syclone headliner

    As the title says, I am looking for a new GM headliner. I am only interested in new parts.
  12. dgoodhue

    Transfer Case locking up after sitting

    I have noticed in years past it seemed like that my transfer case seem to be locked up when I first drive it every year. It seem to loosen right up and work properly with a trip around the block. I have done the torque wrench test a couple times and it passes. A couple weeks ago I went move...
  13. dgoodhue

    Shift points using a factory short block

    I have a late model 4.3 V6 balance shaft motor with factory internals (2 bolt mains & cast pistons.) I have ported Vortec heads and a custom cam. I kind of know that I playing with fire on this build with not a lot of data of other owners pushing this motor. E-Rue is the only other person...
  14. dgoodhue

    New Best 1/4 mile time

    I ran my Syclone at the track last night. I ran a new best of 11.945@114.87mph with a 1.656 60'. I am still running ~14.5psi. The changes that I made from the last time is adding 4 degrees of timing, tune is cleaner (though not perfect) and I used my MSD 2 step. The 2 step made it real easy...
  15. dgoodhue

    MA FS 10" Subwoofer/Box for Syclone

    I have decided to bring my Syclone stereo back to stock. I built this custom box to fit behind the seat of my Syclone with seat all the way back. (I actually tried a 2 other subwoofers in 4 different sub boxes first, before setting on this one) It's made of MDF that is reinforced with...
  16. dgoodhue

    Door Panel Carpet

    Does any vendor sell replacement door panel carpet?
  17. dgoodhue

    Transmission Fluid Change Interval for Type F?

    I use Redline Racing ATF and a bottle Lube Guard in my built 4L60. (Redline Racing ATF is synthetic TypeF fluid.) What is a typical transmission oil change interval for Type F Fluids? I would imagine, it depends quite a bit on how often the truck is raced... My truck is more of a street...
  18. dgoodhue

    My Syclone finally at the track

    I ran my Syclone at the track tonight, the first time in a long time. (The last time I ran it was in 2004). My best time slip was 12.352 @ 110.12 with a 1.673 60' That time slip was with 14psi of boost and 14 degrees of timing and a relatively rich air fuel ratio. I did lean out my fuel...
  19. dgoodhue

    Looking for a roommate.

    I reserved a 2 queen room for Friday & Saturday nights. I am looking for a roommate to split costs with.
  20. dgoodhue

    Looking for a ride to the Nats from the northeast?

    My friend bailed on going to the Nats with me. Anyone looking for a ride (I am driving my Syclone) along my path from MA to Bowling Green? I should have the AC fixed by the ride.