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  1. J

    Mrr fs01

    I know it could take 6 months because this forum is slow, but anybody run these? Seems 1900 for a set shipped seems standard. Anyone have any thoughts?
  2. J

    SOLD Typhoon 4l80 driveshaft sportsmachines

    I have a brand new aluminum sportsmachines driveshaft. It's never even been mocked up. I'd prefer to trade for a syclone 4l80 aluminum driveshaft. Or 450+ shipping.
  3. J

    Syclone/ Sonoma gt?!?!

    Guy running around Mesa Az with syclone cladding and Sonoma gt badges. I have seen him twice and briefly asked him if it was a syclone or Sonoma gt, he yelled back "they come this way!!" Ugh. I'm guessing they also come with the grand national/corvette motor too? I got all excited for half a...
  4. J

    Wider than stock diff?

    I don't really want to run spacers on vette wheels. Is there an axle that is 2" wider than stock? Or is my only option left is new tubes in the damn thing. Btw, running c6-zo6 brakes
  5. J

    Yeah, yeah, been said before: cf hoods

    This time is different. All I have to say is Ultra-Carbon. Unlike china made, or somebody who says it's in the mail and it takes a year of threats, these guys deliver. Google them. Look em up on yellowbullet forums. They already make them and willing to do a group purchase if we get 5 or more...
  6. J

    Cladding for sale

    Make offers on this stuff. I had some pm's from my other thread and a couple friends expressed interest but nothing for sure yet. 1. Rear arches, both sides, NOS Sy,several used Sy and Ty: A. NOS Sy, 1 undamaged, 2 but with tabs that are repaired B. Used, tabs repaired C. Used...
  7. J

    SyTy cladding & other stuff, some NOS

    I have not been paying much attention to the for sale section on here, and the Sales archives don't always state what price said item sold for. So, asking what FAIR market value is on cladding. Just to be clear, I am looking for value on these items, not "selling" them YET. I am not looking for...
  8. J

    Polycarbonate windows for Syclones and Typhoons?

    Talked with these guys briefly, said they make everything for Syclones, forgot to ask about Typhoons but some stuff crosses over. I didn't see the info on thier site or their PDF, but they confirmed they do make them. They even tint them.
  9. J

    Help me convince

    Help me convince a fellow member to not sell his Ty to buy a Porsche 911 turbo6 speed vs a C6-Z06 that may be a few thousand more. Bring on the Porsche hate and at least some GM love, and possibly, not sell his Ty. I'd rather see him drop an LS in it........Please....... Let us convince him...
  10. J

    Ken, do you have your checkbook ready? This is possibly up your alley, I think.....
  11. J

    Az/ Queen Creek

    White on grey. Looked pretty clean. Was going south on Ironwood late afternoon.
  12. J

    Red/Red Scottsdale Az

    seen a really clean ty rockin down the 101 in scottsdale. i yelled at him "I have a Syclone" and i got a thumbs up. never seen it before. member?
  13. J

    Silverado long tubes

    I am looking for long tube headers for my 06 silverado. i don't want to spend a grand on them, just want something decent or even used. I have eyeballed the pacesetter, although they are cheap headers, and usually fit poorly, i do like their cat delete with their y-pipe that bolts on. let...
  14. J

    trans cooler fan thermostat

    Looking at thermostats for my electric fans for my trans coolers. this is the coolers i have, they are linked together. i am running -6 braided line from my 4l80e to the coolers that will be mounted...
  15. J

    Lokar locking dipstick, 700R4

    Brand new, not even mocked up. Selling for a buddy. $100 + shipping, and shipping will be cheap, like 8 bucks. save yourself 30+ bucks
  16. J

    BlackTyAffair,clean your in box

    as stated ^
  17. J

    stock rear diff 1,000?

    NO, i am not making this power. But for reliability reasons, can our little rear diff stay alive for long with this power?!?! Anybody using a spool? What axles are a good upgrade? What C-clip eliminators to run? Part numbers would be good.Opinions are fine, but i prefer experience. I know...
  18. J

    700r4 aluminum trannypan: NEW

    Summit brand aluminum trans pan. comes with hardware, extension for pickup, stainless bolts and a drain. NEVER MOUNTED!!! $120 + shipping + paypal.
  19. J

    Lund Backdraft spoiler

    Came off my syclone, in pretty damn good condition, but not perfect. Still very glossy black, holds on by double stick tape (you supply) looks like this, but to fit our trucks. $40.00 plus shipping and paypal pics upon request
  20. J

    Cowl shaving, my way

    I thought i would share my version of a shaved cowl. Weight savings (not much)