2018 Mark Williams 4472 4L80e input shaft


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Re: 2018 Mark Williams 4472 4L80e input shaft

The adapter plates are 158 shipped priority mail in the us

Payment sent for one 4l80e adapter plate.

4l80E adapter, car46999.

Transaction details
Payment sent to Aaron Timm
September 21, 2017 at 7:07:21 PM PDT
Transaction ID: 2BH13926T0106135G
Payment Status: Completed
Payment Type: Personal Payment
Gross amount
-$158.00 USD

I tried to PM you my address, said your inbox is full.


Re: 2018 Mark Williams 4472 4L80e input shaft

New list...
1. Christer Djuve
2. Daniel Seals
3. Kevin Knowles Deposit plus adapter paid
4. Gary Sexton
5. Kenneth R Zink II (full) Plus Adapter
6. Thomas Boulden (full)
7. Karl Bumstead
8. Andy Pinz (full)plus adapter
9. Emil Karup
10.Robert Hyde
11.Justin Frank
12. Mike Shams
13. Brandon Hammond
14. Jason Wigfall
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Shafts will be done next week! I have sent messages to everyone but Christer Djuve and I sent an email to him. I had a few extras made so please let me know if you want one!!!