Fall 2018 Mark Williams 4472 to 4l80e input shaft group purchase


Fall 2018 Mark Williams 4l80e to Borg Warner 4472 input shaft group purchase.

There may be enough interest for this so here it is. We need to get to 10 shafts to get them made.

4340 heat treated 4l80e input shafts for the syty transfer case, these will also work on a 32 spline turbo 400 as well, all work is done in house so no delays for treating after the machining.

There have been questions on what this is for - This input shaft is the critical part on being able to put a 4l80e transmission in the Syclone or Typhoon. A 4l80e is much more capable of handling the torque that our motors make but has a 32 spline output shaft. Many people have converted to the 4l80e and have resplined the output shaft of the transmission to 27 splines. This has proven problematic and many have twisted the re-splined output shaft on the 4l80e transmission.

To resolve this issue this community came up with the idea of making a new 32 spline input shaft for the transfer case that will mate with the standard 32 spline output shaft of the 4l80e. The huge benefit of this 32 spline input shaft is that the transfer case is very easy to work on, compared to a transmission and the input shaft can be replaced without any special tools. There are few threads here with detailed pictures of the disassemble and reassembly.

Let's see if there is enough interest.

The price will be $650 shipped but prepayment is required.


Or I can send a PayPal invoice which will allow for a credit card payment.