Inner Fender Plates GP Interest?


I've always thought the factory inner fenders were a little unfinished looking.

Then I came across what Sean Krupa did to his truck a few years ago:

So I thought, why not build upon this idea.....

Option 1:
We could offer these pairs of plates powdercoated black for approximately $149 delivered.

Option 2:
We could also offer them with provisions for our hood strut base mounts and the entire billet hood strut kit for $249 delivered.

If there's interest, we would need 12 people for either option to kick off the GP.




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Re: Inner Fender Plates GP Interest?

Looks cleaner but I would think that would make under hood temptress even worse.

Sean Krupa

Re: Inner Fender Plates GP Interest?

The Fender plates was one of the Best under the hood mods I did. Was a nice suprise that my Dad made for me. Plus it hides the wiring that goes in the fenders. :tup: