KYB vs. Bilstein...Bils worth the extra $$$???


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Has anyone tried both, or have any experience with both?

Bils are $50 each at Autozone, KYBs gas-a-just are $30 at Summit.

Just wondering if the $20(4) is going to make a major difference.



Captain Morgan

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i have heard the Bilsteins are a little too hard, but i have no experience with them. I did however just purchase the KYB Monomax for the front of my Ty, and they are a 100% improvement from what was in there, so I cant complain.


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Monomax, $50 each at summit.

Guess thats more of in the same class as the Bilsteins.

Anyone have input on either of the kybs vs. the Bils.?


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I just installed some Bilstein HDs in my friends Ty. They are not too stiff at all and feel real good, very well controlled ride.

Ian Turgeon

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installed the monomax's on pop's sy. 100% improvement, truck was wobbly and squishy with 100k on the originals. He's very happy with them, heard several agree.

they are pretty much the same price range, I'd personally choose the kybs.


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I hate my bilsteins.
Even with sway bar, major body roll.
Maybe I was just spoiled by the Sy...

Nope rode in Jeff Scotts, and with stock shocks and a swaybar, less roll.