New from Kentucky Syclone # ????


DEAF Syclone
Update: I finally got around to this "Project" and removed the bed. I can't find any VIN number on the frame. The fuel filter us up under the back drivers side of the cab. So trying to get a look on top of the frame at this location will require cab removal or some tricky cleaning and mirror work LOL?
Now on the drivers side of the frame under the door there is a tag with XN and then to the right of the tag is a stamped number XN 1 29 91 or it may be a XN 4 29 91 but I belived it's a 1. Does this mean anything?

I have way too many projects and very little time so I'll be selling this project and hopefully someone else can give this truck the attention it really needs.
Where in KY? I’m in Iowa, is there rust in that Syclone? Pics of engine and interior?

D. Sea

Is the door sticker still there? Also look at the vin number on the dash that should help you get the number. By chance what is the asking price?
Please read up above at the beginning of the thread. The cab and bed are from an 85 S10 but the rest is Syclone. I believe the frame is original Syclone but not 100% sure.

Guys this is a ROUGH project and needs a LOT of work. I have some recent pictures on my phone that I'll upload to facebook soon. I'll make a for sale add in the for sale section soon.