New Ty Owner in Colorado, #1852


I just recently purchased Ty #1852 off Bring A Trailer:

Probably paid a little more than I should have, but I've wanted one of these trucks since I was 15 or so (I'm 25 now). I actually didn't see that auction until the last day when my buddy sent me a link, and I got a little impulsive and over-excited and ended up winning! The truck was local to me here in Colorado, which was convenient. The truck definitely needs work, it cuts boost and loses power if you're on it more than 3/4 throttle, but seems to run well until then. It puffs oil smoke on startup but goes away immediately and doesn't come back while driving (valve stem seals?). Idle is a little rough but I wasn't sure if these motors had balance shafts or not. Leaks oil like an absolute sieve. But the body is in good shape, no rust, the paint is fair. The aftermarket sunroof is a bummer, but oh well. I work at a small auto broker / auto shop that specializes in older BMWs, Porsches, and JDM vans, so I'm pretty familiar with older fuel injection systems / older engine management and how finicky they can be. I tend to obsess over making things right, so I intend to get this thing running as it should, might pull the motor to reseal it and do a valve job (and bottom end rebuild if it really looks like it needs it) and basically bring it to a point where everything is functioning right (a/c, locks, windows, etc). and then maybe do a few performance upgrades, but nothing too crazy. It looks like there could be some sort of aftermarket engine control stuff on it, but I haven't quite gotten as far as investigating that yet.

I am going to start by replacing the cap, rotor, wires, and plugs with OEM ACDelco stuff (unless there's better alternatives), fuel filter, oil change, replace the alternator because the lights are flickering when the engine is on, smoke test, fuel pressure test, check timing, check wastegate operation, replace O2 sensor, as well as the thermostat, as it doesn't ever seem to get up to temp. I pulled one spark plug the other day just to see which ones were in it and they were NGK copper something or other, but what surprised me is that there was almost no buildup on it, almost like the truck is running super lean. I'm not familiar with these trucks but older BMWs that run copper plugs tend to dirty them up real quick, even when they're running right! I might also pull the injectors and have a local guy rebuild / clean and flow test them (he only charges $25 a pop) since this truck has done so much sitting - if the CARFAX is to be believed, it's only done about 6,000 miles in the last 10 years.

Real stoked on this thing, I've been trying to not drive it too much since it isn't running right, but the turbo noise / horse sneeze noise when you let off makes me giggle like a giddly little schoolgirl every time! I can't wait to get it running properly!
Congratulations on the truck 😎

Congrats dude!

What part of Colorado are you in?
Thanks! I'm in Lafayette, just trailered the truck up from Littleton a few weeks ago. It drives alright, but tore into it some and one of the fins on the compressor wheel is bent. It also seems to be overboosting and then suddenly cutting boost, I found a post elsewhere from a while ago that suggested pulling the relay for the wastegate solenoid and driving it to see what happens. It made less boost (as predicted) but did not cut out anymore, and that post said to replace the wastegate solenoid in that event, so I will try that and see what happens. I plan on pulling the motor soon to reseal it, do a valve job, and possibly bottom end rebuild based on what the compression numbers are like and what the cylinder walls look like.

Going from Mercedes and BMW to a Typhoon is like going to Vietnam with US dollars, your money goes so much further!


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Before you replace anything. You may want to verify the vacuum hoses are connected properly and in good condition at the turbo.
Before you replace anything. You may want to verify the vacuum hoses are connected properly and in good condition at the turbo.
Thanks! The previous owner did a silicone hose kit, and it looks like everything is routed correctly. I did a smoke test and verified no vacuum leaks, but it looks like there might be a lower intake manifold (between manifold and head) leak. There was some smoke coming out of the throttle body seals (the "axle" of the throttle body) but not as much as appeared to be coming from the lower intake gasket.


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Let me ask this. were you able to look at a vacuum diagram or a picture of the routing to the turbo to verify the previous owner connected the hoses properly? They may very well be correct. But I thought I would ask.

I think most of the throttle bodies leak a little at the shaft seal. If it is just a little I would not bother repairing that.


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You may want to replace your wires for spark plugs. Sometimes they melt and burn through. Will arc out and cause truck to stumble. It happened on a typhoon I bought a few times. When I bought it (home) I found a wire cooked. Made me think... Probably why the kid sold it to me for 2 grand.

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it cuts boost and loses power if you're on it more than 3/4 throttle, but seems to run well until then.
If it still has a cat converter, be sure it isn't partially blocked. Turbo engines are much more susceptible to driveability problems caused by restricted exhaust than NA engines.
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Glad to see you found this place, definitely a wealth of information. I'll be following along on your thread as well keeping up on what you've done. Really glad to see it went to someone who has the time and skill to do the things I never got around to


Had a little more time to reply than I did last night . . .

As for ignition system, this is what's on there right now with slightly different plugs (UR5 maybe??): The plugs from that kit should be in the box that was in the back of the Ty. The silicone hose kit is from SportMachines as well. At most I think those parts have 400-500 miles on them.

The lights flickering is an interesting one, I don't recall that ever happening, but I probably only drove it at night a handful of times. Is it all of the lights, or just some of them?

One of the things that was on my to do list with it was the oil pan gasket. When I removed the remote oil filter, I remember seeing signs of leakage from the pan gasket and several of the bolts were on the looser side. Pulling the motor and resealing was definitely something I wanted to do, just had too much going on to get around to it.

Really does make me happy to see that you're taking the time to go through it and give it the attention it deserves. In the 4 years I owned it, I certainly enjoyed having it and driving it, but felt bad that I was never able to do as much as I wanted to with it. I hope you'll continue to post what you're doing with it so I can live vicariously through you!


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Welcome to the Nuthouse! Be like me and incorporate a NACA duct into the hood and build a custom box to make it a true CAI system. Happy I did!
Have you made any more progress on it?

Saw this on CL the other day, not sure if you've seen it, you mentioned being in to these:
Hey Dave,

With this COVID madness going on, I have a bit more time to work on the thing than usual. I had to finish up a Delica I was flipping to pay for the work that needs to be done on the Ty. Sold that 2 months ago, and really got to work on the Ty about a week ago. Motor is out and disassembled, took it to a machine shop yesterday for them to hot tank, check clearances, etc. Compression was a bit iffy which is why I decided to do that, and the heads needed to come off anyway to address the smoke on startup (valve stem seals / worn guides). Cylinder walls didn't look bad though, I think a hone and some new rings will take care of it. The turbo is at SportMachines getting rebuilt and ported / upgraded wheel, and a stainless catback is on the way. I found a number of things that probably caused running issues during disassembly like excessive corrosion inside the distributor, strangely a single corroded terminal on the dist cap, corroded knock sensor, collapsed / rock hard engine mounts that were causing the exhaust crossover pipe to rub on the idler arm (I think I read that this can cause the knock sensor to think the motor is knocking). My goal is to keep it stock in appearance with upgrades here and there where it makes sense. I will post photos and more detail soon, probably just add to your project thread.


Interesting on the corrosion on the cap. Pretty sure I replaced that, so it's a few hundred miles on it tops.

You're doing all of the stuff I had hoped to do, just never had the time to get to around to it. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!


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Congratulations, It looks like a nice truck! I just completed a similar rebuild of my Typhoon and I am just North of you. Dave