Ol' Brute

So originally my truck came with a open 3.08 8.5 rear end with the anti hop shock but a few years ago i ran a stop sign and got t boned. The axle took the brunt of the hit and it bent. I ended up replacing it with a g80 7.5 with lower gears (don't remember which but my speedo is about 10mph off), out of a blazer with disk brakes. I figured since I am gonna be throwing boost at this thing, I might should get a more beefy rear end for it. Ended up finding one not too far away and picked it up for $175. Took it apart and confirmed spline count and gear which is the same as my truck came with. I will be installing a spartan locker and a dual caliper kit on it when i get the funds.IMG_20210531_190817147.jpg


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I watched the video, that's a pretty neat kit. The two calipers if painted or powder coated would really pop if the wheel choice was big enough to show them off.
I found a guy local(ish) to do my fuel rails! Just ordered some rail extrusion and some -8 bungs. He said he could have em done in about 45 minutes! Who knew my favorite people in my adult life would be the delivery guys, that i never get to thank.!? lol
Fabbed up a little throttle cable bracket using the oe bracket and some flat bar I had laying around. Still needs a bit of refining and some paint. I'll probably redo it when it's up and running well but it'll do the job!
Finally tackling this wiring mess. I am relocating the ecm to the driver's side and it has been quite the undertaking to say the least.. all that's left is extending 6 wires, wire in the injectors and making a mount for the ecm on the fender well. I've never done anything like this before so I am hoping I didn't make any horrible mistakes. Once it's running and reliable, I will go back and loom it all up