Things a new SyTy owner should know and do


My memory from reading old threads is that synthetic transmission fluid is too slippery for our trucks. With the high torque that the clutch packs are trying to catch at full throttle, synthetic fluid lets them slip for too long. Eventually they can start to burn up. Plain old regular transmission fluid lets the clutches grab faster.


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If you really wanna be proactive about your SYTY Trans get an external sub-cooler and a deeper pan or a derale pan with the Cooling tubes built in. When mine got rebuilt I did both and went from low 200s in temp to just highs of 170s beating and boost launching it. I also have a Gauge for my Temps in my Pod for the trans too.


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Hello everybody. I'm new here...a little late to the party, I guess. I remember when these trucks came out. I was about 19, but I definitely couldn't have afforded one. I'm in a better position in life now, and am looking for a Typhoon. Any major differences between a 92 and a 93? I have found a couple of each for sale. What's a fair price for a 93 with 90k? It looks clean, but they want 20k. Thanks in advance.