Turn signal switch


Anyone know the part number for the turn signal switch. This looks like it is partially melted to me, but maybe it's just the way they are? It works fine, but wondering if it will in the future. Not real excited to have to replace this if it's even possible, with that length of wires it's attached to down the steering column.

I had to replace the ignition key cylinder and saw this.


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SyTy Stalker
Are you sure it isn't just grease on it? There is usually some white grease in there to make it operate smoothly.


No grease. It's pretty dirty in there and any grease that was there has long sense moved on. It's odd because it looks like it got hot for just a short time and then stopped, leaving behind this melted mess. None of the actual connectors show any burning, so I'm not sure if this is just a defect on the original part or what.

Additionally, I've had some issues with the wipers coming on along with the turn signals and the cruise control. Does anyone know if there is a fuse specifically for cruise control? I'd like to pull it just in case. Not real interested in having that engage at random times.


The cruise won't engage sporadically.

There isn't a "fuse", but there is a wire in the taps at the top of the fuse block above the fuses. Find where the cruise harness comes through the firewall. (It has the hose in it that goes to the brake switch, this is another way to I.D. the cruise harness). The harness Is tie-wrapped to the main harness. In the vicinity of the fuse box, there is a pink wire in a clear connector plugged into the taps on the fuse box. Unplug this wire (there is a little locking tab that must be depressed) and no more cruise.

Thanks, I'll take a look.