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If you split your offer I would be interested in the front bumper reinforcement.
Hey! I'm wondering how much you want for one of the air scoops and a torque strap? I live in Canada too, hopefully that's okay for you. Those are some super cool products!
i am interested in the headliner mats and fromt bumper if they come up for sale?
Hi, if you willing to split, I'm interested on the passenger side front fender cladding and the driver side rocker panel. Thanks!
Am from Kansas City area, have 3 s10s and now a 92typhoon #2186, bought in Nov. in Las Vegas. retired, married (A LONG TIME) .
I also live in the Kansas City area and have a 1992 Typhoon.
Mine is #1690.
Hello, I am considering purchasing a GMC Typhoon in California. The seller says it has a "JWaller stage one, 60lb injectors, 255 aeromotive turbo tweak chip scanmaster". Could you please educate me on the Stage 1 portion of this? Thanks in advance for your time!
Ryan (if I remember that's your name correctly), you still around? I bought your Ty back in the day. I still have it. You interested in having it back?
406 836 7231 is my cell. Shoot me a message if you get this and want to talk about it.
Hi, interested on the turbo and exhaust system, thanks
I'm asking $1,500 for the turbo and downpipe combo.
Hi harry i need your help On bs3 i need help. to set timming does the timming cable under the dash need to be un plug or do i need to plug it to set timming correct with bigstuff3 . I know your very knowledgeable
Hey there, new member here. The name's Alexander. I came across your avatar photo and was wondering if the pic of the truck is the same one from the video on The Drive (YouTube) about a 500 AWHP, AWD Syclone? If so, what a badass ride!