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    Syclone Parts

    What number sy are you modifying? Those parts will get you pretty far
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    Looking for Sy mechanic near the Los Angeles area.

    A few answers to help look into some of these issues (read red text), if you're in LA I'd message DaveP if you can. Also, what number syclone's are you guys working on?
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    OG rollcall

    Talk about disappearing after the last shindig!
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    2.5" vs 3" downpipe

    What number syclone did you buy? (last 4 of vin)
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    Looking for Sy mechanic near the Los Angeles area.

    ABS is usually safest on these trucks unplugged! What other issues are you dealing with?
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    Brodix heads wanted - "-12" heads

    Look up fivetodrive on here, pretty sure he has a set
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    Syclone service in San Diego?

    What number sy? You could message DaveP he might have a recommendation for you
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    Code 42. Engine stalling.

    Knock sensor!
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    Saudi stuff

    Sounds awesome, do you know what number Sy it is?
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    Coil Overs?

    Sportmachines uses the JSM design for their front A-arms, the only difference in the kits is the shock manufacturer
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    I've ran into he problem on my odometer where the gears have slid down the shaft and popped the shaft out of the retainer to where they weren't engaging. Pulling the cluster out only takes a few minutes once you've done it a couple times. Disconnect and remove fog light switch Disconnect...
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    Holley Terminator X vs Dominator

    Go dominator and do not look back, the HP just doesn't have enough outputs to run everything that you would want. Also if you go 80e down the road the dominator is already set up to control that as well. I have a dominator in my truck and have seen many guys complain about the lack of outputs...
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    Carlisle this year (2021)?

    I'll absolutely be there
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    New from Michigan, Syclone #2608

    Can you get the last 4 of the vin so I can document it on my list of trucks?
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    Syclone #0259 for sale as project car or parts donor

    What are you asking?