Valve cover gaskets question...


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I have tried 2 different gaskets and both seem to be short on both width and length. Am I missing something here??WTF!
I got the park numbers from

-GM #14081257 (Std. 4.3) ( have not tried these)

-Fel-Pro (rubber) #VS50086R ( didn't work)

-Also tried these-Victor Reinz #VS50160 ( didn'twork)

I guessing it would be impossible to try and put them on while being stretched? LOL
Its making me chase my tail..Is there a different type that I don't know about?

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I assume you have stock valve covers? You do have to stretch them on. Sometimes getting them to stay stretched and in position on the valve cover without falling off while putting the valve cover on the head can be challenging. After the VC is on the head, if I have any doubt that the gasket didn't stay in position, I use a mirror to look in each corner to see that the gasket is still present. If = yes, i put in the bolts.

I've had much better luck with any gasket made by Victor Reinz (Sealed Power) than any gasket made by Felpro. Just my personal preference.


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So I ended up putting a dab of RTV silicone on each corner and some clamps just to hold in place. Worked flawlessly. Ready to install and don’t have to worry about the gasket moving around.4428E5BA-8221-4EF2-9AA7-34308339E95B.jpeg