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    4.3 help needed

    Is the Bravada rear 3.42 or 3.73? They came with both. You could always use a rear end from an extended cab S10 with a 2.2 engine, they came with 4.10 rear gears
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    Code 42. Engine stalling.

    All the knock sensor can do is retard the timing, so take a timing light and watch the timing, but I doubt, its a knock sensor issue, you could just unplug it also, since the motor will run without it
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    Code 42. Engine stalling.

    Did you clean and check the egr?
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    Carlisle this year (2021)?

    It depends on if you're showing your truck or not. If you're not showing your truck, you just pay at the gate.
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    Hankook ventus

    There is a set on my sister's car. They handle good and wear well, but I feel that they're on the noisy side, even though they're rated as being a fairly quiet tire. I even had a second shop rebalance them, but no changes. I've had great luck overall with Hankook tires, they're normally my first...
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    Motocam360 Plug n Play ECM

    So you're telling us, that you never told him to fix his electrical issue. If thats the case, it still sounds sleazy
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    Motocam360 Plug n Play ECM

    Fine example of the blind leading the unknowing, Eric's TT instructions are on his website. So you had a customer, that had an issue with his electrical system, so you sold him, an ecm that his electrical problem, isn't going effect, so you blame the old ecm and memcal, and don't tell the...
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    Motocam360 Plug n Play ECM

    I guess you never read the instructions. He is talking about the values in the stock ecm, that all ecm's of that era had to relearn. They use to sell and might still sell, a little device, that plugged into your cigarette lighter, that used a 9 volt battery, to retain, your radio and ecm...
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    Motocam360 Plug n Play ECM

    Since the turbo tweet, uses an EEPROM, there should be no reason to require a battery or tune saver.
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    Hex Cap Screws to replace McGard Wheel Locks

    Buttonheads give you more friction surface between the bolt and the wheel. I've used buttonheads to replace the cover bolts, on other wheels. I didn't realize the Sy Ty wheel covers had such a small recess, i guess that i should have looked closer at one.
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    Hex Cap Screws to replace McGard Wheel Locks

    If I was to do it, I'd use button head bolts. McMaster should have them
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    Different wheels with stock specs

    Astro vans don't have the same bolt pattern, as Sy/Ty's
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    2nd Gen front spindle/ hub

    Yes you can use the 98 and newer Blazer hubs and you use the newer sealed wheel bearing with them
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    Oil pressure to ECM?

    It's for the gauge
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    2nd gen brake setup

    I think the NAPA number is BK 6413305 if that isn't correct, its 1 size off.